söndag 16 oktober 2011

Three days in a row 16 oktober 2011

Well ... it must be some kind of record. I fish the creek three days in a row, I wonder what my girlfriend is up to? Had an great afternoon with a lot of bows feeding and I managed to land three really nice ones. Two of them was really tricky and great fun. My boss was coming with me and he enjoyed the time at the creek as much as I did. Lost a really good fish that stod very bad under a branch with a lot of leaves on the water. It was like hooking into a rock. Next week I hope to try out a new stretch that I havent fish, saw a massive wake there before I leaved. Well .. I let the pics speak this time.

The gear, love my Scott rod and Ross reel

The first gem of the day

It pays of to sit still and smoke a backwood, a nice wake

And here is the reward, a lovely bow
Tight lines/Calle

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