fredag 14 oktober 2011

Afternoon session at the creek 14 oktober 2011

The fall is over us and it is starting to get pretty cold here in Sweden. This morning we had -6 degrees celisius and the frost was cover our cars. Gustav and I had planned a trip to the creek for some dryfly fishing on the wild bows. We arrived in the afternoon and a lot of small feather mosqitos was hatching. On the bridge we started to gear up and soon there was two nice bows feeding frequently. Gustav won our little game that decides who shall start casting. He moved into position and in the first cast he hooked a nice fat bow.
Gustavs first fat wild bow for the day
After relesing the bow I spotted two feeding bows upstream and sneaked into position. Made a few cast and hooked a bow in almost same size as Gustavs. After a few sec I lost it :-( We walked upstream and spotted some feeding bows and I lost another one :-( After a while we moved down to a nice place where I had lost a bigger brown trout earlier and at almost the same location a nice fish moved a lot of water among all the leaves that had driven into a backstream. Gustav made some casts and after a while he hooked what we first thought was a brown trout but it was a nice rainbow male that was turning into spawning color and had a begining of a hook. It is one of the most beatiful bows I have ever seen here in Sweden. I am lucky to have the creek so near and all by my self.
Gustavs wonderful bow

Back he goes
On the way back to the car we spotted a really huge fish that we made a few cast on but that one will be another time.

A clip from the creek, not much light so it is a bit grainy
First cast of the day!

Tight lines/Calle

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