söndag 2 oktober 2011

Fall at the creek = dry fly time 2 oktober 2011

The rain had stopped for a cuple of days and there was time for an afternoon session at the creek. Dropped of the little guy at his grandmother and grandfather and I took of to the creek. The conditions was perfect and the waterlevel was also great. At the creek there was a feeding frenzy going on and several bows attacked something on the surface. The choice of fly was an size 17 F-Fly variant I had tied up at lunch. Hooked a nice bow that stepped of after a while, I think it was the biggest fish of the day. Moved upstream and found several bows feeding. Some of them stood pretty bad and it was some tricky cast to get them. I am very pleased to see that my casting has improved and I move very gently when I approach a feeding fish. After all I got 3 of 4 bows I casted on so I am very pleased. A nice day with a lot of feeding fish.

The lovely creek of mine!
Almost like an steelhead!
This is how a wild bow shall look like.
Tight lines/Calle

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