fredag 18 november 2011

Some seatrout moments 18 november 2011

I got myself a new Macbook Pro and are trying out the new iMovie and here is a little movie I did from our seatrout fishing this year.

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onsdag 2 november 2011

Early up in the morning 30 October 2011

Well .. as the family woke up very early this morning I decided to hit the creek. When I got there the bows had a feeding frenzy. They where everywhere but I had some unfinished business with a big fish that I hooked for a sec last week. I got to the spot where I last saw him and there he was, under all the leaves sucking hatching mosqitos from the surface. I made everything right and after a brutal fight a netted my biggest bow in the creek so far. A ‎44 cm/17.3 inch wild bow in perfect shape and condition. Did I mentioned that the cigarr tasted extra good that day?

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Lunchbreak bow 2 Nov 2011

Decided to take a ride to the creek on my lunchbreak, good choice I guess. A nice wild rainbow trout sipped my size 15 mosqito imitation. About 48 cm and great condition. The longest bow I have cought in the creek so far.

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söndag 23 oktober 2011

Sunday at the creek 23 october 2011

My great fishingbuddy Bergstrand and I hooked up at the creek this killer morning. The conditions was perfect and there was feeding bows everywhere.

Stunning morning at the creek
Lovely colors at the moment, yellow, orange and green leaves and sunny wheater .... just perfect! We spotted some feeding fish on the most tricky places and I was very satisfied with my new line, a Guideline Presentation. I could make some perfect cast with that line. It loads with little line outside the rod and it was easy to make roll cast with. I can really recomend that line. Bergstrand didnt bring any rod so he borrowed mine to make a try on a bow that stod pretty bad. He is very skilled and a good caster so he soon hooked that nice bow. A perfect gem of the creek and one of the biggest we have catched there.

Bergstrand and his nice bow
After we had released his bow another bow started to feed at the same spot. I crawled into position and after a while I hooked a really nice female bow in a killer condition.

Love these fishes
It is kind of funny though. In the early season and under the summetime, we have only cought smaller bows, but now they are bigger than before. It seems like the bigger ones are getting in position to feed on mosqitos before the winter time. In the summer you dont see these fishes at all. I think they only feed at the evening/night and they are after bigger preys like frogs etc.

Well .. we had a great morning and I got some nice tips from Bergstrand. It is always nice to fish with a great buddy and I learn a lot from you guys, thanks!

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söndag 16 oktober 2011

Three days in a row 16 oktober 2011

Well ... it must be some kind of record. I fish the creek three days in a row, I wonder what my girlfriend is up to? Had an great afternoon with a lot of bows feeding and I managed to land three really nice ones. Two of them was really tricky and great fun. My boss was coming with me and he enjoyed the time at the creek as much as I did. Lost a really good fish that stod very bad under a branch with a lot of leaves on the water. It was like hooking into a rock. Next week I hope to try out a new stretch that I havent fish, saw a massive wake there before I leaved. Well .. I let the pics speak this time.

The gear, love my Scott rod and Ross reel

The first gem of the day

It pays of to sit still and smoke a backwood, a nice wake

And here is the reward, a lovely bow
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lördag 15 oktober 2011

A ordinary walk in the park 15 oktober 2011

Took a fast trip to the creek this afternoon to see if I could catch the monster fish we saw hunting yesterday. Moved into position at the spot where we saw it and waited. After a while a fish started to feed from the surface and it looked quiet good. The fish took the fly at the second drift and I had some struggle with it. My Scott 6.6ft #3 rod had to work and after a while I could net a nice wild bow. They are really fat now and in great condition. A took a bunch of pics and let her go ... se ya later! The big one is still out there, saw it once and it moved a lot of water .. tomorrow maybe.

Great bow
Fat and in great condition for the winter

Lovely colors
A clip of the relese: Oaklind Flyfishing on Vimeo

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fredag 14 oktober 2011

Afternoon session at the creek 14 oktober 2011

The fall is over us and it is starting to get pretty cold here in Sweden. This morning we had -6 degrees celisius and the frost was cover our cars. Gustav and I had planned a trip to the creek for some dryfly fishing on the wild bows. We arrived in the afternoon and a lot of small feather mosqitos was hatching. On the bridge we started to gear up and soon there was two nice bows feeding frequently. Gustav won our little game that decides who shall start casting. He moved into position and in the first cast he hooked a nice fat bow.
Gustavs first fat wild bow for the day
After relesing the bow I spotted two feeding bows upstream and sneaked into position. Made a few cast and hooked a bow in almost same size as Gustavs. After a few sec I lost it :-( We walked upstream and spotted some feeding bows and I lost another one :-( After a while we moved down to a nice place where I had lost a bigger brown trout earlier and at almost the same location a nice fish moved a lot of water among all the leaves that had driven into a backstream. Gustav made some casts and after a while he hooked what we first thought was a brown trout but it was a nice rainbow male that was turning into spawning color and had a begining of a hook. It is one of the most beatiful bows I have ever seen here in Sweden. I am lucky to have the creek so near and all by my self.
Gustavs wonderful bow

Back he goes
On the way back to the car we spotted a really huge fish that we made a few cast on but that one will be another time.

A clip from the creek, not much light so it is a bit grainy
First cast of the day!

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söndag 2 oktober 2011

Fall at the creek = dry fly time 2 oktober 2011

The rain had stopped for a cuple of days and there was time for an afternoon session at the creek. Dropped of the little guy at his grandmother and grandfather and I took of to the creek. The conditions was perfect and the waterlevel was also great. At the creek there was a feeding frenzy going on and several bows attacked something on the surface. The choice of fly was an size 17 F-Fly variant I had tied up at lunch. Hooked a nice bow that stepped of after a while, I think it was the biggest fish of the day. Moved upstream and found several bows feeding. Some of them stood pretty bad and it was some tricky cast to get them. I am very pleased to see that my casting has improved and I move very gently when I approach a feeding fish. After all I got 3 of 4 bows I casted on so I am very pleased. A nice day with a lot of feeding fish.

The lovely creek of mine!
Almost like an steelhead!
This is how a wild bow shall look like.
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onsdag 28 september 2011

28/9 clips from the seatrout fishing

Great day and a nice searun brown trout taken on a small shrimp pattern. Thanks to Emil at for the clip

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söndag 25 september 2011

Searun brown trout 16 & 25 september 2011

Gustav and I have spend the two last weekends searching for searun brown trout before the season stops. Last weekend Emil Filipsson from Feskebloggen also joined us. We have had some great fishing and sometimes to good weather. Here are som pics and a clip from the last two weekends. I am also awating a clip from Emil.

Small flies it is

Lovely day and Emil in action

Better weather and we had a great day with 7 seatrouts landed, here is one of my biggest

Seatrout specialist Halldin strikes again

Lovely colors

A male who is starting to prepair himself for the spawn in a month or so

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måndag 12 september 2011

11/9 2011 Thunder and lightning = searun brown trout

Gustav picked me up really early this morning. We met up with Per and drove the 1.5 hour trip to the west coast for some seatrout fishing. The first spot we got to was not as i wanted it to be so we moved on to another place that looked really nice when Gustav and I was there in the spring earlier this year. When we arrived the thunder, lightning and rain was over us and we took shelter in a little hut. We sat there for a while and enjoyed some coffe and sandwiches and digged in the flyboxes. 40 min later we started to fish and working us along the shores. Per had a little shy take and after a while the seatrout specialist Gustav hooked and landed a nice trout. Some quick photos and then we relesed it back into the salty water. After a while Per hooked a nice trout and Gustav striked again and landed a nice female that also was relesed. I was fishing the same fly as Gustav, a "Pattegrisen or a Pink pig" as they also is called. I had nothing, no bite at all, and I was feeling really down that moment. Gustav had another take and the fish was big and tear of his tippet, almost after that he hooked another nice fish. Then we had to go back as Per had some business to take care of. Gustav, as he friend he his pointed me to an spot and told me to cast there. I only had to strip the fly once as I felt a hard take. Then I throw a second cast and the fly just hit the water and a nice trout attacked my pink pig. Damn that take was good and after a while I landed my biggest searun brown trout for the season. All the bad mood was gone and I was in heaven again. Did that cigarr tasted lovely on the way back to the car? All trout was relesed and they soon will spawn to generate a new generation for us to enjoy in the future.

Per is digging in his flybox

Mr happy! My only trout of the day, but a nice one

Back it goes!

Gustavs biggest trout of the day and a real beauty.

Another trout landed by Gustav.

Of you go.

Pure love at the first sight.

Seatrout specialist! Mr Gustav Halldin.
My gear for the day, Alpha 7/8 with a Loop multi x-slow intermedia and a Sage Flight 9 ft #7.

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måndag 5 september 2011

5/9 2011 Feeling empty

Well .. woke up early this morning, the rest of the family was sleeping so I sneaked out for some trout fishing in my creek. Lovely morning with a bit of fog and the sun rising .... mmm it smells trout!! At the creek I geared up and took a stroll at a streatch I havent walked in 15 years or so. Last time I was there I saw a huge trout sipping mayflies. Now the water was high and a bit silted from all the rain, but it was clearing up nicely. No sign of big trouts so I walked into the deep forest. At the first pool I scared a big fish that moved a lot of water. Throw some muddlers and streamers but I was there to take a bow on dry so I decided to look for a feeding fish. Walked trough the forest and upstream but no sign of fedding fish. Hmm .. walked upstream to the border of my streatch to have a look but no. Sat down for a while and saw two damn minks chattering down the bank. They are preditors and roams the creek for crayfish and smaller trouts. Wish I had my shotgun with me. Well ... walked downstream to have a look and see if some fishes had begun to feed. Stopped by a nice pool and sad to myself .. "If I was a trout, this would be the perfect spot to feed on". And from nowhere, about three to four meters downstream, a big fish sipped in something from the surface. Ohh .. this is something extra I told to myself .. damn. I crawled down on the bank, getting muddy and wet. Sat there for a while and the fish rise about one time every min. This is no bow I sad to myself, and certanly no small fish. After a while I made my move, decided to fish it downstream as it stood pretty bad. Everything was perfect, a perfect cast, a perfect drift and then ... slurp! The fish took my own tied size 15 emerger and I sat a perfect hook on its way down. My 6.6ft #3 Scott rod was bent to the cork and the Ross reel screamed like a scared pig. A big wild brown trout jump high over the water and run like crazy in the pool. After a min the fish settled down a bit and suddenly .... it was all empty and the flyline was throwed back at me. Daaaamn I screamed right out in the wilderness. I sat down in the mud and reeled in the line, It must have broke the tippet I thought but the fly was there and the knot was perfect. My goal was a two kg wild brown on dry this season and that trout should have done it. I felt empty but still satisfied to know that my creek holds big wild browns side by side with wild rainbow trouts.

My lovely creek in perfect conditions, just love it!

The fly of the day!
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torsdag 1 september 2011

25/7 2011 Searun brown trout

My fishing buddy Gustav and I have a tradition, every summer we go for evening/night fishing for searun brown trout. It is fantastic to sit at the rocks and see the sun go down and the sound of the hunting seatrouts hits our ears. We have a nice place with good streams and deep water and some underwater reefs. There was a lot of activities in the water. A school of smaller seatrouts hitted our night skaters on the surface and some really big ones was after the flies. A lovely evening/night and some smaller fat seatrouts was returned. The big ones are still there and we are planning a new trip before the season ends.

Seatrout specialist Gustav Halldin

The next generation

Another silvery fat torpedo of the ocean

A great evening
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måndag 29 augusti 2011

13/7 2011 Summer bows in the creek with Feskebloggen

Well ... we are entring the fall here in Sweden and I am looking back on some pics from the summer adventures. 13/7 went Oaklind Flyfishing and Emil Filipsson from Feskebloggen on an little trip to my secret creek for some wild rainbow fishing. It is small stream and as Emil prefers it; "where the Wind in the trees, birds chirping, water beads and the mosquitoes are as big as sparrows and chop as Mora knives in the back. Apart from that, watching the small rainbows frantically in the stream and smock itself increasingly as a bypass. Probably at some time far back in time slipped from a farm and had entered through a tributary". We had a blast and the fishing was good, the cigars tasted lovely and the friendship was great, as it should be with flyfishing.

I am hooking one of the wild bows in the creek!

This is what we came for.

A simple updated F-fly does the trick!

Emil with the biggest bow for the day, a lovely fish that striked twice.
A video that Emil has edited, there is one part that lacks of focus from the camera, I dont know what happend. Wild rainbow 

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söndag 28 augusti 2011

27/8 2011 Lake fishing for bows!

Went to some small lakes with fishing buddy Gustav for some rainbowfishing. The rain was pouring down and there was some hysterical thunder and lightning on the way. But the sun was good to us and we had a great time. I forgot my camera but we managed to take some descent pics with my Iphone anyhow. My setup for the day was my old Hardy Princess and my new Sage Launch 9ft 5# rod. Boy, do that reel scream when a bow decide to take away... epic. The fly that worked best for me was a small size 16 black pupa. Returned one nice bow and lost one. Gustav managed to land one and lost one. Then the thunder and rain was over us again. A nice afternoon with a good friend, a cigar and some nice sandwiches.

The gear for the day!

I am realesing a nice bow, thanks for the take and the fight!
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lördag 20 augusti 2011

20/8 2011 Vagabond Flybox Project!

I am part of a great project called "Vagabond Flybox Project" started by to great guys and fishermans (Joe Kayafas and Terry Edelmann) and had the 4 th box over here this spring. I didnt catch anything on the flies but they sure looks great. My good friend P-A Nilsson has it now and has cought a bunch of great fishes on it. Check out P-A:s pictures here:

Early spring and the box with my Hardy Princess copy and a South Bend fiberglass 6 pice rod

My fishing buddy Kristoffer Bergstand smoking a pipe and checking for rising trouts
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20/8 2011 Trout Box!

Just finished my survival troutbox, cant be without it!

The drie side!

The nymph side!
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20/8 2011 Spinners

Tied up a bunch of spinners a couple of weeks ago, just wanted to share them for you. Very easy to tie and will work as small spinners and other insects as well.

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fredag 19 augusti 2011

5/8 2011 Rainbow sneaking with the red bearded tall guy

Oaklind Flyfishing invited the "Mad Trout" Ulf Börjesson from Stenkullen(Gothenburgh) for some wild rainbow fishing in our creek. There was some fishes rising but then the rain was pouring down at us. We hope to get another session in the fall with Ulf. Thanks for a great day Ulf, you are always welcome back

Ulf is looking for some rising bows

One spotted and a perfect cast

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