lördag 15 oktober 2011

A ordinary walk in the park 15 oktober 2011

Took a fast trip to the creek this afternoon to see if I could catch the monster fish we saw hunting yesterday. Moved into position at the spot where we saw it and waited. After a while a fish started to feed from the surface and it looked quiet good. The fish took the fly at the second drift and I had some struggle with it. My Scott 6.6ft #3 rod had to work and after a while I could net a nice wild bow. They are really fat now and in great condition. A took a bunch of pics and let her go ... se ya later! The big one is still out there, saw it once and it moved a lot of water .. tomorrow maybe.

Great bow
Fat and in great condition for the winter

Lovely colors
A clip of the relese: Oaklind Flyfishing on Vimeo

Tight lines/Calle

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