söndag 23 oktober 2011

Sunday at the creek 23 october 2011

My great fishingbuddy Bergstrand and I hooked up at the creek this killer morning. The conditions was perfect and there was feeding bows everywhere.

Stunning morning at the creek
Lovely colors at the moment, yellow, orange and green leaves and sunny wheater .... just perfect! We spotted some feeding fish on the most tricky places and I was very satisfied with my new line, a Guideline Presentation. I could make some perfect cast with that line. It loads with little line outside the rod and it was easy to make roll cast with. I can really recomend that line. Bergstrand didnt bring any rod so he borrowed mine to make a try on a bow that stod pretty bad. He is very skilled and a good caster so he soon hooked that nice bow. A perfect gem of the creek and one of the biggest we have catched there.

Bergstrand and his nice bow
After we had released his bow another bow started to feed at the same spot. I crawled into position and after a while I hooked a really nice female bow in a killer condition.

Love these fishes
It is kind of funny though. In the early season and under the summetime, we have only cought smaller bows, but now they are bigger than before. It seems like the bigger ones are getting in position to feed on mosqitos before the winter time. In the summer you dont see these fishes at all. I think they only feed at the evening/night and they are after bigger preys like frogs etc.

Well .. we had a great morning and I got some nice tips from Bergstrand. It is always nice to fish with a great buddy and I learn a lot from you guys, thanks!

Tight lines/Calle

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