torsdag 1 september 2011

25/7 2011 Searun brown trout

My fishing buddy Gustav and I have a tradition, every summer we go for evening/night fishing for searun brown trout. It is fantastic to sit at the rocks and see the sun go down and the sound of the hunting seatrouts hits our ears. We have a nice place with good streams and deep water and some underwater reefs. There was a lot of activities in the water. A school of smaller seatrouts hitted our night skaters on the surface and some really big ones was after the flies. A lovely evening/night and some smaller fat seatrouts was returned. The big ones are still there and we are planning a new trip before the season ends.

Seatrout specialist Gustav Halldin

The next generation

Another silvery fat torpedo of the ocean

A great evening
Tight lines/Calle

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