måndag 12 september 2011

11/9 2011 Thunder and lightning = searun brown trout

Gustav picked me up really early this morning. We met up with Per and drove the 1.5 hour trip to the west coast for some seatrout fishing. The first spot we got to was not as i wanted it to be so we moved on to another place that looked really nice when Gustav and I was there in the spring earlier this year. When we arrived the thunder, lightning and rain was over us and we took shelter in a little hut. We sat there for a while and enjoyed some coffe and sandwiches and digged in the flyboxes. 40 min later we started to fish and working us along the shores. Per had a little shy take and after a while the seatrout specialist Gustav hooked and landed a nice trout. Some quick photos and then we relesed it back into the salty water. After a while Per hooked a nice trout and Gustav striked again and landed a nice female that also was relesed. I was fishing the same fly as Gustav, a "Pattegrisen or a Pink pig" as they also is called. I had nothing, no bite at all, and I was feeling really down that moment. Gustav had another take and the fish was big and tear of his tippet, almost after that he hooked another nice fish. Then we had to go back as Per had some business to take care of. Gustav, as he friend he his pointed me to an spot and told me to cast there. I only had to strip the fly once as I felt a hard take. Then I throw a second cast and the fly just hit the water and a nice trout attacked my pink pig. Damn that take was good and after a while I landed my biggest searun brown trout for the season. All the bad mood was gone and I was in heaven again. Did that cigarr tasted lovely on the way back to the car? All trout was relesed and they soon will spawn to generate a new generation for us to enjoy in the future.

Per is digging in his flybox

Mr happy! My only trout of the day, but a nice one

Back it goes!

Gustavs biggest trout of the day and a real beauty.

Another trout landed by Gustav.

Of you go.

Pure love at the first sight.

Seatrout specialist! Mr Gustav Halldin.
My gear for the day, Alpha 7/8 with a Loop multi x-slow intermedia and a Sage Flight 9 ft #7.

Tight lines/Calle

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  1. Lovely day. The tug is the drug ...
    creates the happy face.