måndag 5 september 2011

5/9 2011 Feeling empty

Well .. woke up early this morning, the rest of the family was sleeping so I sneaked out for some trout fishing in my creek. Lovely morning with a bit of fog and the sun rising .... mmm it smells trout!! At the creek I geared up and took a stroll at a streatch I havent walked in 15 years or so. Last time I was there I saw a huge trout sipping mayflies. Now the water was high and a bit silted from all the rain, but it was clearing up nicely. No sign of big trouts so I walked into the deep forest. At the first pool I scared a big fish that moved a lot of water. Throw some muddlers and streamers but I was there to take a bow on dry so I decided to look for a feeding fish. Walked trough the forest and upstream but no sign of fedding fish. Hmm .. walked upstream to the border of my streatch to have a look but no. Sat down for a while and saw two damn minks chattering down the bank. They are preditors and roams the creek for crayfish and smaller trouts. Wish I had my shotgun with me. Well ... walked downstream to have a look and see if some fishes had begun to feed. Stopped by a nice pool and sad to myself .. "If I was a trout, this would be the perfect spot to feed on". And from nowhere, about three to four meters downstream, a big fish sipped in something from the surface. Ohh .. this is something extra I told to myself .. damn. I crawled down on the bank, getting muddy and wet. Sat there for a while and the fish rise about one time every min. This is no bow I sad to myself, and certanly no small fish. After a while I made my move, decided to fish it downstream as it stood pretty bad. Everything was perfect, a perfect cast, a perfect drift and then ... slurp! The fish took my own tied size 15 emerger and I sat a perfect hook on its way down. My 6.6ft #3 Scott rod was bent to the cork and the Ross reel screamed like a scared pig. A big wild brown trout jump high over the water and run like crazy in the pool. After a min the fish settled down a bit and suddenly .... it was all empty and the flyline was throwed back at me. Daaaamn I screamed right out in the wilderness. I sat down in the mud and reeled in the line, It must have broke the tippet I thought but the fly was there and the knot was perfect. My goal was a two kg wild brown on dry this season and that trout should have done it. I felt empty but still satisfied to know that my creek holds big wild browns side by side with wild rainbow trouts.

My lovely creek in perfect conditions, just love it!

The fly of the day!
  Tight lines/Calle

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