måndag 29 augusti 2011

13/7 2011 Summer bows in the creek with Feskebloggen

Well ... we are entring the fall here in Sweden and I am looking back on some pics from the summer adventures. 13/7 went Oaklind Flyfishing and Emil Filipsson from Feskebloggen on an little trip to my secret creek for some wild rainbow fishing. It is small stream and as Emil prefers it; "where the Wind in the trees, birds chirping, water beads and the mosquitoes are as big as sparrows and chop as Mora knives in the back. Apart from that, watching the small rainbows frantically in the stream and smock itself increasingly as a bypass. Probably at some time far back in time slipped from a farm and had entered through a tributary". We had a blast and the fishing was good, the cigars tasted lovely and the friendship was great, as it should be with flyfishing.

I am hooking one of the wild bows in the creek!

This is what we came for.

A simple updated F-fly does the trick!

Emil with the biggest bow for the day, a lovely fish that striked twice.
A video that Emil has edited, there is one part that lacks of focus from the camera, I dont know what happend. Wild rainbow 

Tight lines/Calle

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