söndag 28 augusti 2011

27/8 2011 Lake fishing for bows!

Went to some small lakes with fishing buddy Gustav for some rainbowfishing. The rain was pouring down and there was some hysterical thunder and lightning on the way. But the sun was good to us and we had a great time. I forgot my camera but we managed to take some descent pics with my Iphone anyhow. My setup for the day was my old Hardy Princess and my new Sage Launch 9ft 5# rod. Boy, do that reel scream when a bow decide to take away... epic. The fly that worked best for me was a small size 16 black pupa. Returned one nice bow and lost one. Gustav managed to land one and lost one. Then the thunder and rain was over us again. A nice afternoon with a good friend, a cigar and some nice sandwiches.

The gear for the day!

I am realesing a nice bow, thanks for the take and the fight!
Tight lines/Calle

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