söndag 22 januari 2012

Oaklind Easy Shrimp Step By Step 22 Januari 2012

Here is a simple and easy shrimp pattern that works and looks really nice.
It has a transparant look in the water and the seatrout loves it.

Oaklind Easy Shrimp

Hook: Partridge YK12ST size 10
Thread: Uni-Thread gray 6/0
Eyes: Shrimp eyes
Antennas: Brown fox tail
Body: EP-Shrimp Dub Brush

Throw the hook in the wise and wrap the shank as in the picture.

Tie in a bunch of fox tail and secure it well.

Tie in the eyes with a figure eight wind.

Tie in a pice of EP-Shrimp dub brush over the eyes and secure it well.

Wind the dub brush forward and fold the fibres backwards. Don´t wrap the brush to tight otherwise you loose the transparant look. Secure the brush with the thread and make a little head. Whip finish and secure with a drop of Loon knot sense. Use an old toothbrush and comb the fibres backwards.

The shrimp is done and will be perfect for seatrout, bonefish, tarpon or other saltwater fishes.

Tight lines/Calle

4 kommentarer:

  1. Nice shrimp pattern Calle! I like the simplicity of it. Where do you get the dubbing brushes from? Also, do you not find it necessary to weight the fly at all?

  2. Hi Nicholas!

    Great to hear that you liked the pattern. Of course you can weight the fly but when I fish for seatrout I fish after them in shallow water like 1 meter deep and also very slowly, I don't want the shrimp to stuck in the seaweed. The dub brushes are bought on ebay but you can find them in well sorted flyfishing stores or on Enricos webpage.


  3. Hi Calle, sorry, only just saw your reply. Many thanks for that. I will tie some up:-)


  4. Do it!! And tell me how they work out.